The wheel, sailboat and chariot are all great inventions in transportation. We wouldn't be anywhere without them so I decided to find out how and when they were made.

How where the First Wheels Invented

The oldest wheel ever found was found in Mesopotamia dated 3,500 BC. People made it by nailing planks of wood around a circular frame. It was used so that when rich people didn't want to walk they could just get a slave to pull them on there wheel from place to place. After that people decided to attach the wheel to a piece of wood and that was one of the early chariots.

This is a picture of a man attaching a wheel to a long board.

How where the First Chariots invented

The chariots were one of the first and only wheeled vehicles that the Mesopotamian people invented. With a great civilization they would need to get around places faster than walking. So they made a chariot. It has a space for someone to stand or sit on with wheels and then either something like a horse or an ox would pull you along. They also would use the chariot to take royal people around the city or for war and hunting.

This is a picture of a man in a chariot shooting enemies.

How where the First Sailboats invented

Another great invention in Mesopotamia was the sailboat. Early sail boats didn't look like the ones we have today but they where just as good. They used the sailboats to cross the Tigris and Euphraties rivers so thay could explore the otherside. The sailboat was also used to fish and fight on water. When they crossed the river they found more villages to trade with and more resourses to use and eat.

This is a picture of a war sailboat in Mesopotamia.
external image ancient%20sailboat.jpg

Critical thinking

I think that alot of Mesopotamian inventions have helped create all the new stuff we have today like the wheel. The new wheel looks alot like the Mesopotamian wheel but they are much different. The new wheel is made with steel and rubber and the old one with rock. They are different because rubber works much better on ashfalt as opposed to rock on dirt.

The chariot probably helped us build the car. As you know the car looks alot different then the chariot but they are built the the same way. The car has two more wheels then the chariot but the car has gas which is good and bad. For example horses are much better for the environment but gas makes the car travel much faster then two or even three horses.

The sailboat didn't change much but then there's the power boat. The powerboat is a sailboat but with no sail yet they where built alike and are difirent at the same time. The powerboat runs on gas which makes it bad for the environment and the sailboat is eco friendly. The powerboat is faster then the sailboat but if the powerboat runs out of gas it's stuck and the sailboat will pass it by.


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