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As part of their own culture, every nation has its unique style and form of Music which runs to the blood of its countrymen and is continuously transferred to the future generations. Music of Mesopotamia portrayed the lives of people, expressed their emotions, described significant events, showed beliefs, religions and worship to their goddess.

As early as 1800-600 BCE, ancient Mesopotamia wrote in cuneiform on clay tablets their messages, laws, rules and including the lyrics and precise tuning instructions for their stringed instruments. The musical text was also a clear evidence of their own language and writing style during those times. Mesopotamians wrote different songs that pictured important happenings and most of the songs were religious and were written for their gods.They love to sing and dance in their homes and in social places. Songs were usually sung to their children and were passed on through many generations. The Mesopotamian music depicts its culture and historical events.

Ancient Mesopotamian Harp

Mesopotamians' love for music and dance gave way to the creation and evolution of various musical instruments. The instruments of Ancient Mesopotamia include lyres, lutes, harps, drums and reed pipes. Many of these were shared with neighbouring cultures. The instruments that they use in Africa today are similar to the instruments that the people of Ancient Mesopotamia used before. The Sumerians are one group of people who left a musical culture. If they hadn't made music maybe we wouldn't have music today.

Critical Thinking
The style and rhythm of ancient Mesopotamian music can still be found in the present music in Iraq and other countries. Classical and pop music more often not means musical dating back centuries but performed with a mix of traditional and modern instruments. Most countries at the present time used musical instruments which were patterned from the old traditional Mesopotamian musical devices. Clappers still exist and are being used to enhance the rhythm and clarity of music.
It's true that there's a big change between our music before and our music nowadays. Our songs before was full of meaning but some songs these days was like meaningless. The Mesopotamian Music is a great contribution to the development and improvement of music.
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