The Art of Mesopotamia
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Archaeologists have recored of the art of mesopotamia dating back to early hunter gathers in the 10th millennium BC. The art is from the cultures of Sumerian, Akkadtan, Babylonian, and the Assyrian empires which were later replaced in the iron age with Neo Assyria, and Neo Babylonian empires. Mesopotamia has brought significant cultural development which includes some of the oldest examples of writing . This art was the cradle of civilization. Babylonian art was the most dominate style of art. Most of the art was made out of carved stone and usually in animal forms.

Art history

One of the best known Assyrian carvings are the lion hunt alabaster carvings, showing Assurnasirpal 11 which is 9th century BC and also Assurbanipal 7th century BC. The Assyrian style of art was produced by Pheoneician and Aramaean artists. A lot of the big lion carvings were usually placed outside royal gate ways. Most of the visal art was either ritual objects or personal objects. The tel asmar figures were first made in 2700 BC they were 3D statuettes made of marble. The tallest male figure was 30 inches in height and representes the god of vegetation. The next tallest represents a mother goddess which was common in acient cultures. All of these stattuets were worshipped and belived to bring fertility to women and crops.


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The sumerian empier were the first ones to develope pottery and jewellery. Mesopotamia was made up of stone and mud, so the art resources were stone, mud, and clay. So with they had very little to work from but still created beautiful vases and sculptures. The most popular styles of art usally contained lions, or humans interacting with animals.


Just by looking at the sculptures and relief carvings you can tell that a lot of hard work and dedication went into them. Even thought some of them are violent they are made that way because it was believed that when violent sculptures or paintings were hung outside castles they were supposed to keep away bad spirits.

Critical Thinking

I think that the Mesopotamia artists were the ones started the art we now have. I think this because we are using the some of same type of materials that people in mesopotamia used. Such as clay, the clay that we have now is probally diferent then the clay in mesopotamia. because then the clay was mud and water. But now it's made up of many different things! We can even get coloured clay.

If we didn't have art then the world would be pretty boring. If you look around outside you can see that there are sculpters surronding us. for example the laughing men down by the beach, Not only is it a tourist attraction but there fun to pose in front of. And when you drive by you don't really think of it as art you just considerate as part of your daily life.

The pottery and jewellery in mesopotamia was the building blocks of our art today. Except for one thing the art supplies we use today are different then the ones in mesopotamia. If we want to paint we can just go to the art store pick up some paint and paper and well just paint! But probaly in mesopotamia they had to search for there recources and then start there creations.

Here is a video of some mesopotamia art. It is just a slide show of different pieces of art and there is a triditional eastern instrument being played in the back ground.

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